Democrats & Republicans

A teacher once said to me, “The difference between Democrats and Republicans is the difference between a man who would give a starving family a loaf of bread every day, and a man who would teach the family to make their own bread.” But is that actually accurate? Especially considering that so many Democrats work to “make bread” for their families every day of their lives? Or that so many Republicans have no idea how to make bread, –either figuratively, i.e., living on trust funds without formal education or skill/trade training, –or literally? And where do the other political parties come into play here? There are more than just Democrats and Republicans. But ask someone on the street who they are, and see what happens.

As an experiment, I posted a status update on Facebook asking what a few people thought of when asked about topics like the new Tea Party movement, the Republican and Democrat parties, third party groups, and the nation’s most controversial presidential candidates. The status sat there for a few hours, unanswered by anyone I know personally, or anyone random I’ve added purely for their generosity in Facebook games. So I got pro-active and started asking. Everyone seemed to think it was too much work to form an opinion, that the subjects were boring, and a few stated they just didn’t follow any of it. So you take a survey group of about 100 average citizens from around the planet, and ask them about this nation’s politics… And just to grade on a curve, I’d say 99 out of 100 have nothing to offer.

But! I never asked them what they thought of subsidiary topics, –like healthcare, Social Security, welfare, terrorism and war in the Middle East, for example. What do you think would have happened if I had? And most importantly, I never stated my opinion. I asked as an objective neutral party, and got the textual equivalent of a blank stare from people both biased and impartial. The fastest way to start an argument, however, is to start stating your opinion. Which is why there’s a difference between Republicans and Democrats; they make big promises to little people. 90% of these candidates’ strongest supporters are people who make less than $12.00 an hour, and offer the same blank stares.

Democrats want to get elected. Republicans want to get elected. That’s it. There is no difference, –at least not in the candidates for presidential, congressional, or senatorial elections. But the differences between the two parties to those of us who aren’t politicians? Well, that’s clear! Democrats are people who want 80% of our paychecks to go the various funds for the less fortunate, who want gay people to have the right to marry, who get food stamps, are Atheists, or Devil Worshippers (the non-Christian religious generally), who believe we should not have guns or an army, and should never go to war for any reason, but instead, turn the other collective cheek. And Republicans are the Bible thumping religious fanatics, the gun collectors, who want to smother our rights, reward the rich, stop government funding to social welfare organizations, and draft everyone to the military, and keep the poor people poor.

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